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Our work

Don't look down

Our first game, released in 2019. A VR climbing game with platforming elements. Battle robots and collect power-ups as you race to the top of the mountain.

+ Available on Steam.

Don't Look Down: Therapy Edition

Made in partnership with Schenectady Arc. This version of DLD has special settings to increase accessibility and comes with a guidebook that explains how to play the game in order to develop concentration and decision-making skills.

Arc DLD photo.jpg
Fight for Humanity

An aerial combat game built for Gaming Insomniacs. We made a proof of concept PC game in two months that lets you battle against waves of AI spaceships. 

VR Physical Therapy App

We developed a VR app that has been clinically shown to reduce pain. 

Therapy Session
Police De-Escalation Training

We are developing a VR training program that trains police officers in de-escalation techniques. We are piloting this program with the Schenectady Police Department.

Police Cars
Player Unknown's Battleground (PUBG)

Members of our team worked on PUBG, the hit battle royale game with over 700 million downloads.

Your Dream Your Team: Mobile App

A progressive web app usable on iPhone, Android, and your computer. The app connects disabled and disadvantaged job seekers with employment and education opportunities. Built for Tompkins Workforce New York.

Using a Touch Phone
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